FRAGMENTS | A new photographic work

Fragments is a work considering what happens when looking is interrupted.
Based on the thought that the transformation from land or space to landscape happens by the act of looking and subsequently ordering the space into a view, a picture, a painting or a philosophical thought.


“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

If Landscape is a product of our looking at the land in front of us, organizing it in our minds into recognition, discovery and connection, then what happens to it and us, if that very process is interrupted?
40 years ago, contemporary artists began making work about the effect of the urban spread and the decades of industrial exploitation on our land and our landscapes and this work is certainly not done yet. In the age of true globalization it is possibly more topical today than ever, but I believe it is time to look at a new and different challenge that has quietly arrived in our every day lives: digital and virtual reality.
What happens, when in our mind’s eye the virtual forms an invisible but tangible layer over the real? Is it still possible to be truly in one place, and experience it as such? What happens when looking is interrupted? What happens when the landscape at which I am looking is entirely virtual? Does it become place? Will we always be able to tell the difference?
It is these questions that I seek to pursue in this project. Of course I cannot hope to produce an answer, and indeed that is not my aim, rather I want to invite my viewer to ask with me and to go on a journey of discovery for themselves.

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Fragments I 2Fragments I 4Fragments I 6Fragments I 7Fragments I 9Fragments I 10Fragments I 12This is a part of the work, displayed in a gallery space the fragments are shown in incomplete grids to add to the tension between the two large images and highten the sense of frustration and incompleteness associated with any attempt to bring the image fragments into any sort of order or create an imaginary landscape with them. Find more images here.

Gallery display